Mr. An Pham Dang

Renewable Energy & Net-Zero

Vũ Phong Energy Group | VP Carbon

Date of birth: 1987

Deputy General Director | Vu Phong Energy Group

General Director | VP Carbon

Currently, he is holding the position of General Director of VP Carbon and Deputy General Director at Vu Phong Energy Group - leading enterprise in the field of renewable energy, operating an ecosystem with renewable energy solutions, we are providing net-zero solutions for industrial parks, businesses and urban areas with market targets in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and India.
in his capacity as the Genral Director of VP Carbon - a member company of the Vu Phong Energy Group, he and his team are offering solutions to businesses in their journey to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their goal is to become a reliable partner for businesses on their journey towards 100% renewable energy and Net-Zero. This includes solutions for registering & trading renewable energy certificates (I-RECs), optimizing energy for Scope 2 emissions, and offsetting carbon credit projects (CERs) for all three scopes of emissions.
Along with business activities, Mr. An Pham devotes a significant amount of time to community projects and activities, particularly at JCI (Junior Chamber International, a non-profit organization founded in 1914 with over 11 million members living in over 100 countries worldwide). He gets credit for various achievements, including:
TOP 3 Most Outstanding Members at the 2023 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Indonesia.
Most Outstanding Members of JCI Vietnam 2022.
Councilor of JCI Asia Pacific Development Council (2022-2023) for Laos & Uzbekistan
Development Officer of JCI Asia Pacific Development Council (2021-2022) President of JCI East Saigon (2019).
Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project, with JCI Anseong, The Reach project, in JCI Asia-Pacific Conference 2019 in Jeju, Korea.

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