Vu Phong Energy Group, with more than 12 years of expertise in the field of renewable energy in general and solar power in particular, is pleased to be the EPC unit that clients always trust because it combines three factors
  • High Competency: We focus on establishing a renewable energy system and have assembled a team of highly competent engineers.
  • Reputation: We are known for assuring quality, safety, and beauty in all of our projects.
  • Strongly Committed: We are constantly committed to offering thoughtful services and advice on the best customer solution.


O&M and Technical ManagementCommercial Management


Reporting to asset owner

  • PV plant performance
  • Legal requirements for Plant operation
  • Power generation license
  • Building & environmental permits

Ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Legal requirements for Plant operation
  • PPAs
  • Power generation license
  • Building & environmental permits

Warranty management

Insurance claims

Contract management



Plant documentation management

Plant supervision

  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance analysis & improvement
  • Issue detection
  • Service dispatch
  • Security monitoring interface

Plant operation

  • Plant controls
  • Power generation forecasting
  • Grid operator interface, grid code compliance
  • Maintenance scheduling

Spare parts management

Reporting to Technical Asset Management Manager



PV plant maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance

PV site maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Vegetation management
  • Dust removal

Spare parts storage

Additional services:

  • General site management (pest control, water/waste management, roads/fences/buildings/drain maintenance, surveillance system)
  • Onsite measurements (meter readings, data entry on fiscal registers, string measurements, thermal inspection)

  • Billing, collection payments
  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Tax preparation, filling, administration
  • Equity/debt management
  • Insurance administration
  • Working closely with banks, investors and local authorities
  • SPV representation
  • Others (REC accounting/trading, community benefits etc.)

Our Solar Farm Projects

VU PHONG ENERGY GROUP and STEAG leverage each other's strong renewable energy expertise to provide

value driven lifecycle asset management services

VU PHONG’s development, EPC and O&M expertise
  • Leading Vietnamese renewable energy implementation partner, investor and developer
  • Dedicated R&D function and lifecycle asset management team
  • Established government and local stakeholder relationships

STEAG’s strong technical expertise in power sector
  • Engineering excellence covering 80 countries and 100+ GW of power plant capacity in all technologies
  • 11 GW of installed capacity under O&M around the globe for third parties
  • German market leader of digital power plant asset performance management solutions

Dedicated management team
  • Decades of professional working experience in Southeast Asia, India and Europe.
  • Distinct value driven mindset offering an OEM independent service stack.
  • Strong corporate governance and believer in multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration

Digital Solutions
  • Established asset intelligence framework currently being used to monitor 100+ GW of power plant capacity globally
  • 10+ years of experience and proven track record in integrating digital solutions into existing workflows
  • Dedicated in house R&D function


Remote Monitoring Center and Service Packages

Asset Monitor

Objective: Leverage Asset Intelligence Platform

  • Real-time monitoring of each wind turbine and windfarm by way of HQ-KPI and ML
  • Assessment of equipment and asset performance
  • Assessment of equipment and asset health
  • Basis for further services
  • Backbone for discussion with OEM

Asset Guide

Objective: Valuable guidance based on Asset Intelligence

  • Enabling smart maintenance planning
  • Power & revenue forecast
  • Timely optimization of preventive measures
  • Recommendation of value-driven performance improvement measures
  • Ordinary and extraordinary reports
  • Power curve assessment, action recommendations incl. RCA, etc.
  • Warranty assessment
  • Contract monitoring

Asset Pilot

Objective: Execution of Asset Guide recommendations

  • Intelligent maintenance optimization and steering
  • Spare part (logistic) and workforce optimization, Ticket system, etc.
  • Action implementation and execution based on performance and RCA reporting
  • Asset consulting / contract management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Due diligence reporting, lifetime extension assessment, etc.
  • Claim management based on warranty assessment

O&M and Technical Management Service

Wind Farm Operation & Management
  • Managing overall wind plant operation to prevent damages and achieve an optimal operating result.
  • Ensuring smooth running of technical aspects of WTG on daily basis.
  • Power generation forecasting
  • Implementing grid code compliance service

Monitoring & Reporting
  • Daily monitoring and reporting the switch yards and WTG operation and status.
  • Conducting functional check by extracting asset and relevant data from remote monitoring center to ensure data availability at all time via an online platform.
  • Monitoring the remedy of any identified fault during the commissioning and acceptance of the asset by the client.
  • Providing management and routine condition monitoring of the wind turbines: supervise the maintenance company and its sub-contractors’ performance; record all completed tests and notify the client of the results thereafter.
  • Activating and controlling to make sure that the maintenance company does initiate repair/retrofit works at the site.
  • Conveying weekly calls (or meetings) with the maintenance company to address all open issues and agree upon the maintenance programme.

Operation & Maintenance for Substations
  • Daily checking equipment status as approved master maintenance plan.
  • Co-ordinating with load dispatch center to comply EVN requirements.

Corrective Maintenance
  • Investigating failure diagnostic and repairing 1st level during component warranty period based on technical advisory.

Preventive Maintenance
  • Periodical inspection of switchyards and WTG operation and status.

Spare Part Management
  • Warehouse and spare parts management (items and quantity).

Maintenance of Balance of Plant (BOP) Management
  • Monitoring BOP road, drain aging maintenance work.
  • Daily checking WTGs foundation.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Ensuring that all parties accessing the Site have read and have a good knowledge of the rules and regulations.
  • Implementing and inspecting plant operation accordance with ISO 14000 & ISO 45001 to ensure no HSE risks remain.
  • Providing all reports, findings, recommendations on possible mitigation/corrective plan; archiving relevant information to asset data room.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
  • Reviewing on a regular basis the environmental monitoring services provided by the maintenance company with regard to the client’s environmental obligations according to environmental monitoring assignment contracts, if any
  • Advising and implementing local activities to achieve client’s ESG sustainability goals.
  • Serving as first point of contact for all local third-parties, neighbors, farmers, authorities, service providers, in the name and on behalf of the client in case of an active security intervention and for the discussion of interventions necessary to provide appropriate security to comply with insurance.

Commercial Management Service

Administration Service

  • Coordinating with 3rd party to declare tax, monitor tax returns and use its reasonable efforts to ensure the compliance with applicable tax obligations.
  • Providing information in preparation of annual financial statement and for filling of tax return; answering to tax audit from any tax authorities.
  • Coordinating with auditors and local tax authority.
  • Managing shareholder’s accounts.
  • Conducting monthly or/and quarterly gap analysis both between targeted and budgeted revenues and between targeted and budgeted costs.

Invoice & Payment Management

  • Billing administration.
  • Account payables administration.
  • Conducting monetary transactions as directed by and on behalf of the client, in accordance with the obligations and rights of the client’s agreements.
  • Managing company agreements and assets documents; commercial correspondence of client in relation to asset.

Insurance Management

  • Monitoring to make sure the asset is adequately insured at all time in:
    • Coordination with the client’s insurance advisor;
    • Other performance of the payments of insurance premiums in a timely manner;
    • Initiation of renewal of insurance policies if needed;
    • Notification of the client insurance coverage and validity status.
  • Notifying any arising claims under the insurance agreements to the relevant insurance company in coordination with the client’s insurance advisor.

Corporate Secretary

  • Shareholders’ meetings management.
  • Opening, registering and updating Company’s Charter
  • Preparing Resolution/Decision
  • Preparing other internal documents in light of the Company policy per Company’s request
  • Amending and updating ERC/IRC
  • Managing licenses, equipment warranty certification, legal permissions complied to ISO 9001 standard.​ – Coordinating with local government departments in accordance with laws.

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