Vu Phong Magazine Special Issue: Strengthening Transformations 2022


A special magazine to welcome the Lunar New Year 2023, as a document of Vu Phong Energy Group’s journey in 2022, with the trust and companionship of all Customers and Partners. Sincerely introduce to you: Vu Phong Magazine Special Issue – Strengthening Transformations 2022:

Let’s check Vu Phong Magazine Special Issue – Strengthening Transformations 2022:

The coming of 2022 brings with it the expectation of recovery and strong development after prolonged strict lockdowns to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic in 2021. Vu Phong Energy Group also enters 2022 with that mindset, abundant energy and enthusiasm to join hands for the mission “Develop clean energy for the green environment and sustainable development “.

And most especially, this is a determining “Strengthening transformation – Reaching the masses”, inspired by the memorable bonding journey at Ho Tram, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. The journey was full of excitement, full of energy and emotional explosion, helping Vu Phong Energy Group feel solidarity and enthusiasm and bond for a common goal. Then, with all those values, Vu Phong’s team continued to stand firmly together to transform in the journey of 2022.

Vu Phong Magazine Special Issue will be reproduced impressive constructions, important cooperation agreements, prestigious awards, and strong transformations as positions to become the leading professional solar power project developer in Vietnam, constructing the Vu Phong Tech Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Research Center in Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), committed to high-level ESG practices, Personnel development goals for a new journey,…

The magazine also extends new year greetings from Vu Phong Energy group’s leadership to Customers, Partners and Vu Phong team. Those are the best wishes for a resilient and successful new journey.

Let’s check Vu Phong Magazine Special Issue – Strengthening Transformations 2022:

For the convenience of Customers and Partners in arranging work, Vu Phong Energy Group would like to provide you with the following Vu Phong Tet 2023 holiday schedule:

– The company will start the Tet holiday from January 21, 2023 (on the 30th day of the last lunar month) to January 26, 2023 (on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar)

– The company will officially work again on January 27, 2023 (on the sixth day of the first month of the lunar calendar)

Happy New Year, Vu Phong Energy Group wishes you good health and energy to resiliently step forward with Vu Phong in the new journey in 2023!

Vu Phong Energy Group

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