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5 kWp


Tien Giang


Vu Phong Energy Group, one of the leading solar energy companies in Vietnam, has successfully installed a 5 kWp residential solar system in Tien Giang province in 2019. The system is expected to generate about 7,000 kWh of clean electricity per year, saving the homeowner about 21 million VND in electricity bills annually.

The project is part of Vu Phong Energy Group’s efforts to promote the development of renewable energy in Vietnam, especially in rural areas where grid access is limited or unreliable. The company provides turnkey solutions for residential solar systems, including design, installation, operation and maintenance. The company also offers financing options and warranty services for its customers.

The 5 kWp residential solar system consists of 15 high-efficiency solar panels, a hybrid inverter and a battery bank. The system can operate both on-grid and off-grid, depending on the availability of grid power. The system can also store excess solar energy in the batteries for later use or sell it back to the grid for a profit.

Vu Phong Energy Group is a pioneer in the solar energy industry in Vietnam, with more than 10 years of experience and over 500 MWp of installed capacity. The company has completed projects for various sectors, including industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential. The company aims to become a leading provider of clean and affordable energy solutions for the Vietnamese market.

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