General Information

Project type:





463 kWp

CO2 Reduction:

550 Tons CO2/year

( Calculated using the 2021 Vietnam grid emission factor )


Ho Chi Minh


Project details

Main equipment

1188 high-efficiency solar panels
Grid-tie inverters
High-quality auxiliary frame system and conductor with over 30 years of durability

About the project

Vu Phong Energy Group implemented the 463kWp grid-tie solar power project for Phong Phu Corn. The customer is a garment company in Tang Nhon Phu B ward, district 9, Ho Chi Minh.

The state-owned company specializes in a wide range of threads, yarns, and towels with about 3200 people. The top firm in the embroidery thread sector is founded on substantial resources and the right business idea, “Maximizing added value for consumers.“ Investing in a solar power system is a significant milestone in the company’s green production efforts.

Solar power installation project 463 kWp Coats Phong Phu

Solar energy is one of the most abundant and clean sources of energy on Earth. It can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save costs, and enhance the reputation of businesses that adopt it. However, installing a solar power system requires careful planning, design, and execution. That is why many businesses choose to work with a professional and experienced solar power provider, such as Vu Phong Energy Group.

Vu Phong Energy Group is a leading company in the field of renewable energy in Vietnam. It has successfully implemented more than 500 solar power projects, with a total capacity of over 300 MWp, for various customers, including industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. One of its notable projects is the 463 kWp grid-tie solar power system for Coats Phong Phu, a garment company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Project overview

Coats Phong Phu is a state-owned company that specializes in a wide range of threads, yarns, and towels. It has about 3200 employees and is the top firm in the embroidery thread sector in Vietnam. The company is committed to maximizing the added value for its customers, as well as minimizing its environmental impact. Therefore, it decided to invest in a solar power system to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and lower its electricity bills.

Vu Phong Energy Group was chosen as the EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor for the project, which was completed in 2019. The project involved installing 1188 high-efficiency solar panels, grid-tie inverters, and a high-quality auxiliary frame system and conductor with over 30 years of durability. The system has a capacity of 463 kWp and can generate about 700 MWh of electricity per year, enough to power about 300 households. The system can also reduce about 550 tons of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to planting about 15,000 trees.

Project benefits

The solar power installation project for Coats Phong Phu has brought many benefits for both the customer and the society. Some of the benefits are:

  • Cost savings: The solar power system can help the customer save up to 30% of its electricity costs, which can amount to millions of Vietnamese dong per year. The system also has a low maintenance cost and a long lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment.
  • Environmental protection: The solar power system can help the customer reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the global fight against climate change. The system can also improve the air quality and health of the surrounding community by reducing the emissions of harmful pollutants from fossil fuels.
  • Brand enhancement: The solar power system can help the customer enhance its brand image and reputation as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly business. The system can also attract more customers and partners who share the same values and vision.

Why choose Vu Phong Energy Group?

Vu Phong Energy Group is a trusted and reliable partner for any business that wants to install a solar power system. The company has many advantages, such as:

  • Experience and expertise: Vu Phong Energy Group has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in the field of renewable energy. It has a team of qualified and certified engineers, technicians, and consultants who can provide the best solutions for any solar power project.
  • Quality and safety: Vu Phong Energy Group uses only the highest quality and safety standards for its solar power systems. It uses the best materials and equipment from reputable suppliers and follows the international and national regulations and codes for solar power installation.
  • Customer satisfaction: Vu Phong Energy Group always puts the customer’s needs and expectations first. It offers a comprehensive service package, from consultation, design, installation, to operation and maintenance. It also provides a warranty and after-sales support for its solar power systems.

If you are interested in installing a solar power system for your business, do not hesitate to contact Vu Phong Energy Group today. You will not regret choosing us as your solar power provider. We will help you achieve your goals of saving money, protecting the environment, and enhancing your brand. Thank you for your attention.

As a leading professional solar power developer and renewable energy enterprise in Vietnam, Vu Phong Energy Group accompanies businesses on the journey of green production and sustainable development:

  • A flexible cooperation Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model as a solar power project developer, particularly with the participation of many reputable international and domestic investment funds – enables enterprises to utilize clean energy without paying investment costs.
  • Professional EPC contractor services are provided by a team of highly specialized and experienced design engineers; construction engineers who strictly comply with design drawings standards, adhere to international technical standards and use carefully chosen genuine materials.
  • Optimizing systems with high-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) services shows capacity via years of practical O&M at large-scale solar power plants and hundreds of rooftop systems for manufacturing enterprises.

Moreover, Vu Phong Energy Group accompanies customers in their journey toward sustainable development by offering media assistance and being available to give SDG-ESG advice, supporting in registering for I-REC international renewable energy certificates…

In addition, Vu Phong Energy Group has a subsidiary, VP Carbon, which focuses on providing solutions to accompany businesses in effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aiming for carbon neutrality. The main services of VP Carbon include: Registering and trading International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC); Consulting on registering Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) certificates, and ESG consulting for businesses.

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