How to have a good operation and maintenance process?


Solar power has grown in popularity in recent years as more people discover the benefits of investing in this sustainable energy. Because of its longevity, simplicity, and autonomous operation, most clients in metropolitan areas adopt grid-connected solar power systems. 

Choosing a reliable supplier is important, and homeowners/investors have questions regarding how the system operates and how to do a flawless O&M process in order to have a stable solar power system. In this post, Vu Phong Energy Group will provide some information about operation and maintenance (Solar O&M Services: Operation & Maintenance) 

Currently, solar power systems are classified into three types: residential roofs, commercial/industrial roofs, and solar farms. 

In this article, we simply present the most general advice for the rooftop solar system, but each system and installation site may have different instructions. To obtain further information, investors can speak with Vu Phong Energy Group about their goals and conditions. 

The O&M procedure can be checked as follows: 

– Daily/Weekly/Monthly: Usually current solar power systems are provided with a remote monitoring system, so the homeowner/investor can monitor the output of electricity produced. daily to see if your system is producing electricity on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. If there is regular electricity production then the system is stable. 

Typically, no maintenance is required for the solar power system after three months. Some older systems do not have this remote monitoring technology, which may be viewed immediately on the screen of the grid connection or electric meter fitted with the system. It is not required to monitor our system on a daily basis, but we urge that you do it at least once a month. 

How to O&M

– Quarterly (every three months): It is a good idea to check if the solar setup is too dusty. The high-quality solar panel itself has an anti-dust coating on the surface, and the installation of the panel has an angle of inclination to decrease dust. Just check if you can, and don’t be too concerned. However, there are dusty places, such as near thermal power plants, near concrete and cement industries, and so on, that will cause dust to gather on the surface of the panels more than normal; thus, it is also important to clean the battery rig if necessary. 

Furthermore, the trees may grow higher in some low-lying places. So you should consider if the trees produce a shadow on the solar panel or whether the leaves fall on the rig; the performance decrease significantly. 

– Annually: Check the following information:  

  • Solar panels: this device should be checked to ensure that there is no excessive dust, surrounding trees or leaves, or rubbish on the surface of the panels. 
  • Ensure that the frame system, wiring, and electrical cabinets are still in good working order. 
  • If feasible, verify the inverter grid characteristics and ensure no additional heat-generating equipment around the inverter can cause heat to the inverter or impair the inverter’s cooling capability. 

– Every five years: Examine the complete system to ensure that the solar panel frame is not rusted, the cables are not peeling, the panel rig is clean, and the equipment in the electrical cabinet is still operational. Examine the power output years; if a measurement device is available, examine the electrical cabinet’s fuses, CB, and connectors. However, most electrical cabinets and equipment will function effectively as long as the power output is stable. 

Finally, customers who have never installed a solar power system should choose a reliable provider with good equipment, comprehensive warranties, and standard building practices to improve the solar system’s life and reduce serious problems. 

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Source: Vu Phong Energy Group JSC

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