Increase about 5% Annual Energy Production (AEP) by effective Asset Management


Asset management services provided by a professional third party can help add value for windfarms, increase annual energy production (AEP) up to 5%. Through specific, clear and trustworthy data, this service also helps investors manage the performance and “health condition” of each turbine as well as the entire windfarms.

Besides O&M services, Asset Management is known as a significant service in the operation of windfarms. The professional Asset Management third party provides an independent software system for monitoring and analyzing data, as well as solution packages. This system helps the investor in gaining a better understanding of the windfarm’s condition and serves as the foundation for establishing smart maintenance plans, which will optimize the performance of each turbine, to add value for the windfarms and maximize return on investment.

Smart monitoring helps to assess windfarm conditions accurately

With Asset Management, investors of windfarms will know the exact “health condition” of their turbines as well as the potential performance through specific, trustworthy data, which is provided by an independent data analysis and monitoring software system. This smart software is based on real-time SCADA monitoring data, but it uses algorithms to choose and provide valuable data, helping in the analysis and evaluation of each turbine’s actual condition. Even Vu Phong – Steag’s software based on AI, Big Data and Machine Learning can analyze and compute the quality condition of each turbine; based on the actual wind direction, the time to reduce the capacity and other conditions, the system chooses which turbine is the first to capture the wind, perform effectively and run at high capacity. On the other hand, the rear turbines are affected by wakeness losses and have low efficiency…could run with lower capacity or stop to do maintenance works. This information will be used by the investor to collaborate with O&M service providers (typically OEMs) to optimize the effectiveness of the system’s operation.

quan-ly-tai-san-thong-qua-dich-vu-aset-managementWith Asset Management service, investors will know the exact “health condition” as well as their potential performance of windfarms

Asset Management service allows for intelligent maintenance planning and the timely execution of preventive maintenance measures

Asset Management doesn’t only help assess the condition of the windfarm, but it also allows for smart maintenance planning, rather than following the routine maintenance schedule or dealing with problems as they occur. When the software uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms, it may discover and warn of problems much earlier (on average within 1-2 months) than regular SCADA notifications. Early detection of possible problems helps the investor to prepare, check, and schedule appropriate maintenance (for example, taking advantage of poor wind periods, taking advantage of the period when capacity is obliged to be reduced in order to meet the requirements of the power unit… This will help the turbine in avoiding unscheduled downtime and decrease undesired power losses.

The Asset Management service generates favorable conditions for the implementation of strategies: Predictive Maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance; to overcome the KPIs significantly about time and equipment performance, power output is improved, optimize for the production potential achieve the economic benefit for investors.

quan-ly-tai-san-thong-qua-dich-vu-aset-managementEffective asset management will help windfarms in avoiding unscheduled downtime and decrease undesired power output losses

Optimize and improve the power of each turbine

The Asset Management service provider may compute and analyze each turbine using intelligent software to generate the simulated power curve. When the simulated power curve is higher than the warranty power curve (in most cases), this indicates that the actual turbine can still be optimized in comparison to the OEM’s commitment to the owner. Based on monitoring, analysis and evaluation, the Asset Management service provider may help the investor in creating a plan to increase the capacity of each turbine, especially when the actual power curve is lower than the simulation. If the actual power curve is lower than the warranty commitment, this will be basically significant information for the investor to discuss and review and ask the OEM to improve.

Because of these practical benefits, Asset Management services may help increase windfarm performance ratio by 4-5 percent, increase annual energy production (AEP) by up to 5 percent, and help lower operating expenses (OPEX). As a result, it contributes to lowering the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and increasing the value of the windfarm. This is also why, in addition to O&M services offered by OEMs, windfarm investors tend to choose independent and professional Asset Management service providers for their projects.

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