Talkshow: “Developing rooftop solar power: Which mechanism is suitable?”


On May 10, 2024, Mr. An, Pham Dang, Deputy General Director of Vu Phong Energy Group and Director of VP Carbon, participated in the Talkshow: “Developing rooftop solar power: Which mechanism is suitable?” organized by Vietnam Economic Times/VnEconomy, along with other industry experts.

The speakers, including Mr. An, Pham Dang, Ms. Mai, Nguyen Phuong – Consultant for renewable energy projects in Vietnam, Mr. Duc, Nguyen Minh – a Legal Expert at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI), and moderator Ms. Huong Loan – Journalist at Vietnam Economic Times/VnEconomy, discussed and analyzed the current state of solar power and rooftop solar power development in Vietnam, as well as the potential opportunities and challenges in this field.

Talkshow Developing rooftop solar powerThe speakers are discussing the current state of solar power in Vietnam and other countries in the region

From the perspective of a business deeply involved in renewable energy, especially solar power, Mr. An shared that when Decree 13 was in effect, everyone wanted to install rooftop solar panels to sell electricity back to EVN. That was a period of explosive growth.

After that phase, the market slowed down. However, following the Covid-19 pandemic, the push for a green economy requires developing green energy. Mr. An emphasized that the demand for rooftop solar power remains very high, particularly for factory roofs and industrial zones. “Green production cannot happen without green energy.”

This demand is not unique to Vietnam but is also present in other countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Cambodia,… where the need for rooftop solar, especially for self-generating and self-consuming, is extreme.

According to Mr. An, this is not just about reducing energy costs but also about making company brands greener. Large corporations like Google, Microsoft, and LEGO… have strongly committed to using 100% renewable energy globally.

Talkshow Developing rooftop solar powerMr. An, Pham Dang, Director of VP Carbon, Vice General Director of Vũ Phong Energy Group, shared at the Talkshow

In the context where traditional power sources like thermal and hydroelectric power are facing difficulties, encouraging the development of renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar power, including rooftop solar power, is an essential solution to address the current electricity shortage.

“Rooftop solar systems not only help reduce production costs but also provide businesses with certifications for using clean energy and contribute to the government’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 made at COP 26,”

For example, the rooftop solar system at Kim Duc Group’s factory in Long An province, a leading packaging supplier for global retail chains, actively follows global standards and complies with the social responsibility standards of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The project was developed under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model, a three-party cooperation approach.

Talkshow Developing rooftop solar powerThe Kim Duc project with a capacity of 2.22MWp

With a capacity of 2.22 MWp, just in 2022 alone, the system generated about 2,600 MWh of electricity, contributing about 12-13% of the Kim Duc factory’s electricity consumption needs. This self-generated electricity volume has been highly praised by international experts, helping to reduce emissions by about 1,900 tons of CO2, equivalent to planting nearly 31,000 trees over 10 years.

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