Vu Phong Energy Group spreads positive energy to the community

Vu Phong-Energy-Group-spreads-postive-energy-to-the-community

Continue the path of sharing, Vu Phong Energy Group has transmitted positive energy to the community via practical measures to join hands rapidly overcoming the “storm” of Covid-19, win the pandemic.

Life is full of challenges that must be overcome. To overcome the challenge, we must have resolve, effort, faith, and hope. The Covid-19 issue, in particular, necessitates the join hands and the resonant power of the whole community. With the desire to join hands with the entire country to face “storm” Covid-19 and not leaving anybody behind, Vu Phong Energy Group has spread his positive energy to the community in the spirit of sharing.

That is sharing to spread love via food portions, necessities to help difficult families affected by epidemics or individuals who work day and night tirelessly to combat the disease in hospitals and concentrated isolation areas. Support sections carry sincere encouragement in the hope that they can add a portion of the material and spiritually, so they have more motivation and steadiness than walking through difficult days. The love was spread through rice ATMs sponsored and contributed by Vu Phong Energy Group in Ho Chi Minh City, Thuan An, Binh Duong by 2020 and is still spreading to many more districts in Ho Chi Minh City, including Binh Duong, through a charity ride.

vu-phong-energy-group-laVu Phong Energy Group spread loves, Support the frontline anti coronavirus disease team

Or it is the join hands to prolong the breathing of the Covid-19 patients, adding energy so that they can overcome the danger and continue writing the meaning days of their lives. And when timely support helps to bring life to patients, happiness not only spreads to each patient, relatives, or doctor. The positive energy source also warmed the hearts of individuals who share and believe in the wonderful things in life.

vu-phong-energy-group-laJoining hands to prolong breathing, helping many people overcome the danger – coordinated by the Vietnam Youth Union Ho Chi Minh City in Oxygen ATM Program

Throughout its growth path, Vu Phong Energy Group has always actively companioned with the local government in community events. Contributing VND 100 million to the Vaccine Fund for Covid-19 Prevention, supporting VND 150 million for Covid-19 prevention in Binh Duong province, companioning with the Border Guard of Quang Tri and Binh Phuoc provinces… are the shares, efforts in epidemic prevention that Vu Phong Energy Group has made in recent years. It will help to light up faith and hope for the upcoming peaceful days when we control translated by determination, agreement, especially 5k and vaccine.

vu-phong-energy-group-lan-toa-nang-luong-tich-cuc-den-cong-dongVu Phong Energy Group supports the Vaccine Foundation against Covid-19, spreading faith and hope for the upcoming peaceful days

Covid-19 is a severe issue that the world, and particularly Vietnam, is confronting. However, in the face of difficulties, our nation’s spirit of cooperation and mutual aid shines brighter. Vu Phong Energy Group believes that with a spirit of solidarity and mutual help, the same determination, effort, and energy source may be broadly spread. We shall soon overcome “storms” Covid-19 won the pandemic and returned to a peaceful lifestyle.

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