Upcoming Event: STEAG Digital Energy Week (November 08-11, 2021)


STEAG Digital Energy Week will take place over four consecutive days (November 08-11, 2021), with 16 presented aspects from experts, senior leaders of STEAG and other global partners. These aspects revolve around areas of the energy industry such as solar power, wind power, waste to energy – WTE, thermal power…

The energy industry has been evolved very rapidly with significant changes. Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization are important factors influencing the global energy industry’s transformation toward environmental sustainability as well as economic benefits. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the energy industry in particular and society.

With more than 80 years of experience in many areas of the energy industry, especially outstanding strengths in digital solutions, STEAG will organize STEAG Digital Energy Week with the participation of leading experts in the industry. At the event, experts will share about optimal digital solutions as well as effective implementation strategies for diverse areas such as solar power, wind power, waste to energy – WTE, thermal power… on Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization.

STEAG Digital Energy Week with 16 presented aspects takes place over four days (November 08-11, 2021), each day consisting of 4 parts. Attendees can participate in all 16 sections or choose to attend according to topics of interest to them. You can check the detailed topic and register here: https://www.steag-energyservices.com/en/energy-week

Especially, during the STEAG Digital Energy Week event, there will be a very interesting presentation by Mr. Joël Wagner (Head of Sales, STEAG Energy Services GmbH), topic Beyond best-before-date – Let’s maintain wind turbines perfect shape. Specifically, Mr. Joël Wagner will share digital solutions to operate and effective asset management for windfarms, maintain the best condition and extend the lifetime of wind turbines, optimizing profits for investors. This digital solution based on Machine Learning, AI … is an important foundation for smart asset management, adding value for wind farms.

This digital solution is also the foundation for Value Driven Asset Management service packages (including Asset Monitor, Asset Guide and Asset Pilot), the service that Vu Phong – STEAG is providing for windfarms in Vietnam, to optimize the production potential of the factory, maximize asset value and profit for investors.

For further the sharing topic of Mr. Joël Wagner: https://www.steag-energyservices.com/en/energy-week/joel-wagner

Registration to STEAG Digital Energy Week: https://www.steag-energyservices.com/en/energy-week

vu-phong-steag-hop-tac-cung-cap-dich-vu-asset-managementVu Phong – STEAG cooperates to provide professional asset management solutions for windfarms in Vietnam

* STEAG GmbH is the world’s leading energy group with a workforce of roughly 6,400 employees. STEAG is not just known as Germany’s greatest large-scale energy developer, but also as a provider of high-quality energy services.

STEAG Energy Services GmbH (a subsidiary of STEAG GmbH) headquartered in Essen, Germany, provides a wide range of services for power-farms, including project development planning, construction implementation to factory operation. STEAG Energy Services GmbH has provided engineering and technology services, and smart software, for over 100,000 MW of various energy projects, including O&M and operations management for more than 11,000 MW.

Currently, Vu Phong – Steag is cooperating together to provide professional Value Driven Asset Management services for windfarms in Vietnam.

 * The sessions at STEAG Digital Energy Week are entirely in English. The event time is announced in the CET time zone

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