Install Solar Panels for Self-Sufficient Electricity


Installing solar panels for residential use has emerged as a popular solution for homeowners seeking to reduce their reliance on traditional electricity sources and achieve energy self-sufficiency. During the recent lockdown period, many residents of Kerala were caught off guard by unexpectedly high electricity bills, prompting them to explore alternative, cost-effective options. Solar panels offer a sustainable and financially viable solution, with the potential to reduce electricity bills by up to an impressive 65 percent when implemented correctly with the appropriate equipment and installation techniques

Even in regions with significant rainfall, such as Kerala, solar panels can still prove to be a profitable investment compared to the continuously rising costs of conventional electricity. While solar power production may experience a temporary dip during the rainy season due to decreased sunlight exposure, the long-term benefits of this renewable energy source far outweigh the short-term fluctuations in power generation.

Don’t let the burden of escalating electricity costs weigh you down any longer. Embrace the future of sustainable living by installing solar panels on your residential property. Not only will you contribute to environmental conservation efforts, but you’ll also enjoy the financial advantages of a cost-effective and reliable energy solution that caters to your household’s needs.

Why You Should Install Solar Panels and How to Choose the Right System

If you want to save money on electricity bills, consider installing solar panels. The cost of installation is considerably less than a lifetime of electricity bills, with prices starting at Rs 1.5-2 lakh. Although some subsidies are no longer available, there are still discounts to take advantage of. It’s important to consider the total usage at home and the backup time needed when choosing a battery, which typically costs around Rs 20,000. Branded batteries with high quality are recommended, with a 1200 Watt Hour battery sufficient for a day’s backup power.

Choosing the right system to produce enough power for your household is crucial. For a four member household, a system producing 2 kilowatt power is typically sufficient. However, households with air conditioning needs should choose a system capable of producing at least 3 kilowatt power. This will produce at least 12 units of power daily, with 6-7 units even during the monsoon season. By installing solar panels, you can save money and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Install Solar Panels

Install Solar Panels and Save Money on Electricity

Choosing high-quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries is crucial for the longevity of your solar energy system. Proper maintenance is also important to avoid damages. Investing in quality products can save you money in the long run. Additionally, you can sell excess power to the government and reduce your electricity bill.

On-Grid and Off-Grid Inverter Systems

Two types of solar inverters are available in the market – on-grid and off-grid. On-grid inverter systems allow you to sell excess power to the government. However, you need to obtain an NOC certificate from the KSEB and pass their equipment inspection. Afterward, you can submit an application with a fee of Rs 1000. Once approved, the government will purchase the remaining electricity from you and reduce your total bill amount accordingly.

Installing solar panels

Install Solar Panels to Save Energy and Money

While there are many benefits to installing solar panels, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For example, if there is no power on the KSEB line, then the household will not have power either. Installing an on-grid inverter can cost between Rs 2.5 – 2.75 lakh. However, the cost can be recovered in as little as five years through power savings. Although off-grid systems may seem cost-effective initially, they are not profitable in the long run due to the need for occasional inverter replacement. Therefore, most consumers are opting for on-grid systems. Thanks to the support and promotion of ANERT, solar power production has increased exponentially.

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