STEAG webinar on smart solutions for wind power plants (May 31, 2022)


On May 31, 2022, STEAG Energy Services GmbH (belonging to STEAG GmbH, Germany) will host a webinar with the theme Level Up Your Strategy Game: From Project Implementation to Profitable Operation. STEAG Energy Services GmbH (belonging to STEAG GmbH, Germany) – one of Vu Phong Energy Group’s partners, is the world’s leading energy company, specifically undertaking the work from O&M to providing management and consulting services for more than 8 GW of wind power globally.

Explanation of the importance of smart solutions in wind power plants

Wind power is growing at a rapid speed. According to GWEC’s Worldwide Wind Power Report 2022, additional wind power capacity will reach about 94 GW in 2021, bringing the total global wind power capacity to 837 GW. Wind power’s annual growth rate reached 12%, behind the record growth rate of 2020. (1.8 percent lower). In particular, 2021 is the most successful year for the offshore wind power market, with 21.1 GW of capacity being operated, three times more than the previous year.

According to EVN data, 106 wind power plants with a total installed capacity of over 5,755 MW were constructed in 2021, with 69 wind power plants recognized for commercial operation.  If including 15 wind power plants that have been COD recognized and put into service, 84 wind power plants with a combined capacity of more than 3,980 MW have been recognized for commercial operation. Wind power development is important to the energy transition while also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The benefits of using smart solutions in renewable energy

In the global trend, Vietnam prioritizes and encourages the development of clean and renewable energy sources such as wind power. Wind power has also shown great growth in fiscal space. However, because Vietnam is an emerging market and the advantages of natural conditions and government support, wind power investors face some challenges such as capital mobilization – financing, technology – engineering, risk of a capacity cut, etc.

With over 80 years of experience in many areas of the energy industry, including wind power, and particularly in the management and operation of its projects, STEAG has realized that smart asset management with digital solutions is the key to assisting investors in optimizing the value of the factory.

The need for energy-efficient solutions in power generation

Information sharing on emerging market wind power development trends and solutions to assist wind power plants bring massive profits., the webinar with the theme Level Up Your Strategy Game: From Project Implementation to Profitable Operation will help wind power investors come up with more effective strategies to optimize plant value as well as profits during operation, can take advantage of capacity cuts intelligently, improve the state of turbine to exceeds the commitment of the supplier (equipment manufacturer – OEM)…

The webinar will be held on May 31, 2022, wind power investors please see more information and register here:

Level-Up-Your-Strategy-Game-From-Project-Implementation-to-Profitable-OperationSTEAG – the world’s leading energy company and a wind power partner of Vu Phong Energy Group.

* Steag GmbH (CHLB Germany) is the world’s leading energy group with a workforce of roughly 6,400 employees. STEAG isn’t only known as Germany’s greatest large-scale energy developer, but also as a provider of high-quality energy services.

STEAG Energy Services GmbH (a subsidiary of STEAG GmbH), headquartered in Essen, Germany, provides a wide range of services for power farms, including project development planning, construction implementation to factory operation. STEAG Energy Services GmbH has provided engineering and technology services, and intelligent software, for over 100,000 MW of various energy projects, including O&M and operations management for more than 11,000 MW.

STEAG is a partner of Vu Phong Energy Group in the field of wind power. Vu Phong – Steag is cooperating together to provide professional Value Driven Asset Management services for wind power plants. In addition, C47 – Vu Phong – STEAG also tripartite cooperates to provide consulting services for the development and implementation of wind power projects in Vietnam.

* The webinar’s sections are entirely in English. The event time is announced in Central European Time (CET) (5 hours earlier than Vietnam time).

Vu Phong Energy Group

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