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world environment day which is

World Environment Day 2021 took place on June 5, 2021, an important festival of the United Nations, which promotes worldwide awareness and environmental action.

Climate and Ecosystem Restoration

The World Environment Day, first held in 1972, was an annual global event with millions of people in over 150 nations participating. The topic of World Environment Day 2021 picked by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) is “Ecosystem Resuscitation” to send a message of solidarity and collectivity to safeguard and revive ecosystems worldwide.

In the last decade alone, more than 43 million hectares of forest (more significant than Germany) have gone, according to data from the World Widney Fund for Nature (WWF). According to the United Nations Commission, seventy-five percent of global terrain has been seriously polluted by human activities. Research undertaken at the Wetlands Convention warns that the world’s wetlands are three times quicker than forests. Almost 35% of the world’s humid zones have gone from 1970 to 2015.

These destroy the ecology irreparably and deprive the globe of “carbon sinks,” whereas the world’s greenhouse gasses stream through daily. increase with economic growth


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The subject of World Environment Day is strongly tied to the topic “We’re part of the solution” (May 22, 2021). 2021 is also the UN Decade for the Restoration of Ecosystems (2021-2030). From there, it is evident that the Global Programs are uniting with the message: it is time for each country and every person to unify and act more effectively for the Earth

Climate Change and Specific Actions

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has published numerous statements as Earth needs us in response to World Environment Day, environmental protection, and restoration. Let’s unite against climate change; Green raw material contributes to the conservation of the environment; Rational biodiversity resources usage while simultaneously fostering the initiative and action on synchronous solutions for functional agencies, municipalities, institutions, and individuals.

The macro-economic approaches to ecosystems, such as the planning process, will be vital for maintaining the ecosystem, biodiversity, and the green environment through the cooperation of companies and people with actual practical measures.

The use of renewable energy is the solution that many companies are pioneering towards green production

The use of renewable energy is the solution that many companies are pioneering towards green production

It develops and implements circular economic models, sustainable exploitation, and optimization of natural resources such as renewable energy sources, energy savings, green production, and company sustainability. Sustainable development is a solution that offers the economy and society, and the environment “double advantages.”

The natural burdens of every person are reduced by using resources in daily life with little resource consumption; establish a habit of reuse, restrict plastics in one use; do not consume, sell or harvest wildlife; Educating the young generation for the protection of nature and conservation of biodiversity. In every family, the use of sustainable energy sources helps safeguard the environment and builds a green future.

If nobody is on the sidelines to protect the environment and ecosystems, little actions often echo to produce far broader repercussions!

Climate Change Solutions

Solutions to the challenge of increasingly depleted fossil energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power have played an essential part in tackling climate change.

The new emission factor from MONRE 2021 will assist in lowering the emissions by 1268,7 tons of CO2 per year for every 1 MWp solar energy (equal to generating approximately 1500,000 kWh of power annually). The number of trees from the system planted shall be 1,500,000 x 0.0117 = 17,550 trees calculated according to the Tree Plant Factor index.

1 MWp of wind energy will mean that around 1,800 tons of CO2, 9 tons of SOx, and 4 tons of Nox are reduced annually.

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Source: Vu Phong Energy Group

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